Our Approach

Pine Cay Project provides financial support to schools, colleges, libraries, and other education-focused organizations in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) to improve educational opportunities and promote learning by TCI residents. To support its work, Pine Cay Project seeks donations from residents and visitors to Pine Cay and from others who support the mission of Pine Cay Project. Pine Cay Project is governed by a board of trustees, who contribute their time and effort as volunteers. The charitable organization employs no paid staff.

As a result of grants awarded by Pine Cay Project, students throughout the TCI have gained access to, for example, modern science labs, enriched school and classroom libraries, improved curricula and materials for learning across core academic subjects, and opportunities to explore and learn about the natural environment and cultural heritage of the TCI. In addition, teachers have received professional development on effective instructional methods in mathematics, science, reading, and other subjects. Annually in November, Pine Cay Project issues a report on grants made in the prior year.

Policies and Priorities for the Award of Grants

Pine Cay Project’s mission is to improve educational opportunities and promote learning in the TCI through the award of grants to schools, colleges, libraries, and other education-focused organizations that submit high-quality applications. Applications must propose activities that:

Pine Cay Project attaches highest priority to applications that aim to provide activities and services for students in the following areas:

Pine Cay Project does not exclude applications focusing in other areas, such as reading instruction. However, should the Project receive two or more applications of acceptable quality and have funds in hand to support only one application, the board will favor the application that reflects the priorities described above.

Pine Cay Project welcomes applications from organizations that intend to combine funds from several funders, including Pine Cay Project, to achieve specific program purposes. Pine Cay Project does not provide funds for construction or scholarships. Applicants requesting funds for computers or other technology equipment are asked to provide supplementary information as specified in the application form.

Procedures for the Award and Operation of Grants

Before preparing an application, potential applicants are invited to communicate with the board regarding any questions about Pine Cay Project’s policies or procedures info@pinecayproject.org. These informal communications are welcomed and can save time and effort for the applicant.

Interested applicants must complete and submit a Pine Cay Project application using Pine Cay Project’s application form, in order for a request to be considered for funding. Applicants may also submit any supplementary information to clarify or strengthen their application. The Project’s application form can be downloaded from this website. Applications must be submitted to Pine Cay Project via email info@pinecayproject.org; paper applications cannot be accepted. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year and will be reviewed by the board as soon as they are submitted. Following its review, the board may have questions or concerns about the application, which will be communicated to the applicant via email.

All recipients of Pine Cay Project grants are required to report on the results of their grant within six months of grant award. A form is provided for grantees’ use in preparing the report. As part of the report, a grantee includes evidence of its expenditure of grant funds in accordance with its approved application. All reports are submitted to the board via email info@pinecayproject.org; paper reports cannot be accepted. Grant recipients should understand that this report is mandatory and that failure to submit an accurate, detailed grant report will prevent the organization from receiving a future grant from Pine Cay Project.